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Ninja Saga Hack – Instant Kill


Ninja Saga Hack Instantkill

Well, lately i passionate to this new facebook game named Ninja Saga. Its a
excellent game and simply because i really like anime, manga such as naruto,
bleach, one piece etc, i discover that this game very useful.
So, below is the cheat/hack that i use to play that game. I basically play that
game with no Ninja Saga Hack right up until level 35 then with this cheat, i
levelup to level 42.

*NOTE: Can download Cheat Engine table here and automate the process or follow
the Tutorial below
Ninja Saga Hack Tutorial:

This Ninja Saga Hack need Cheat Engine
1. Open Ninja Saga app (dont enter yet, wait until it finished loading)
2. Open CheatEngine and select “Plugin-Container.exe” it’s under Firefox.exe
3. Switch 4Bytes to “Array of bytes”
4. Scan this CODE: 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2
5. There should be 2 address. Double click both.
6. Transform the value of both the address to 62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A2 and click OK.